If you are interested in becoming an active member of this diverse organization,  or helping when you can, whether it is 5 minutes a month, for a single event, or to Chair a committee, please click the button below and e-mail us the ways you would like to contribute!

The Teacher and Staff Appreciation Committee encourages all parents, students and the wider community to recognize the important contributions, both personal and professional, of teachers and school staff to the lives of children and their education. Every school has dedicated teachers and school staff members. This committee lets them know that they are appreciated; that we want to work with them and that we are on the same team. 

teacher & staff appreciation

Volunteering Requirements

To volunteer at events a CORI check (Criminal Offender Record Information) is required.  If you're unsure if your CORI has expired, or if you have any questions,  please check with the Belchertown Public Schools Central Office. 14 Maple Street | Belchertown, MA 01007 |  323-0423

Involves web site updates, newsletter creation, meeting notices, public relations, etc. Use your creativity to keep everyone up to date with the CSSR PTO happenings!


This committee works together to solicit and procure funding from various sources including local sponsors, grant awards, parents and caregivers, and any other area or funding that may become available to support our goals for the children. Grant Writing/Non Profit Experience? Good team player? Enjoy marketing? Not afraid to ask people to pitch in and help us help the schools? This may be the one for you!
Committee is responsible for rallying members to join in actively to participate within the organization during the membership drive period of September - October each year. The committee also works together  planning and implementing Family Fun Events and enrichment programming. Do you have excellent inter-personal skills? Love a party? We need you!

No Time, But want to help

If you are unable to offer your time, but would like to help by making a donation, just click on the button below. Every donation is be truly appreciated! Your donation may be tax deductible! (check with your tax professional)



volunteering Opportunities

The committees at the left are standing committees. Committee Members have no time commitment other than what they are able to offer. The Chairperson or persons from each committee must be voted in by a majority vote at a General Meeting by the general membership. Chairperson or persons then become a voting member of the Executive Board. Chairperson terms are for 2 years, or until they no longer have a child attending Cold Spring School and/or Swift River Elementary.

Terms begin on July 1 of the year elected and continue until June 30 of the year the term expires. One member or Officer may serve as Chair or Co-Chair of more than one committee, but will have one vote as a member of the Executive Board, regardless of the number of committees chaired..

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