Teachers' Wish Lists are items needed by the staff and teachers at Cold Spring & Swift River Schools. Donations are welcome and really make a difference! Send your donations to the school at any time!  (These are NOT the school supply lists that are sent home for some classrooms prior to the beginning of the school year. These are items that teacher would love to have purchased for the classroom.)

Teachers: Click here to submit your wish list.  Please email webmaster@cssrpto.org with any questions or changes once you have submitted your list.

2019-20 Lists as of 8/15/19

Robin Murphy
  • sandwich and snack Zip-lock baggies, PlayDoh, brown paper lunch bags, small or large white paper plates, Treasure Box Treats, cotton balls, reward stickers, shaving cream, scoops for sand table, roll of foil, water beads, Spelligator, Jenga

Tiffany Hoar
  • amazon gift card for purchasing books, Play Dough - multiple colors, stickers, prize box items, CVS gift cards for photo developing, Magna Tiles Master Set (Lakeshore), Translucent Imagination Builders(Lakeshore)

Melissa Roy
  • paper bags (brown and white), white paper plates, black sharpies, AA batteries, glue sticks, pencil cap erasers, clear plastic cups, white styrofoam cups, plastic spoons

Tammy Thomas
  • Classroom Supplies: Lysol wipes, napkins, baby wipes, paper towels, plain white paper plates, 2 gallon Ziploc bags
  • Books: Press Here by Herve Tullet, There's a Square by David A. Carter, Red is a Dragon by Roseanne Thong, Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown, Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Bianca Schliemann
  • large glue sticks, seasonal stickers (not the tiny reward type), tissues, antibacterial wipes, plastic spoons
  • gift certificate to Teachers Pay Teachers, gift cards to CVS (photo developing), Target, Staples, Amazon
  • Please consider entering your Staples receipts at Staples.com/classroomrewards under Bianca Schliemann until 9/15/19. Our class will earn 5% on every receipt entered which will be used toward classroom supplies. Thank you!

Elizabeth Moynihan
  • Cleaning Wipes, glue sticks, Play dough, different fun markers for writing center, colored stamp pads for writing center, STEM Supplies: toothpicks, bendable straws, fat plastic straws, cotton balls. Big Wishes: gift card to Michaels for craft supplies, gift card to iTunes for educational Apps, Magna Tiles

Holly Osborne
  • Clorox style sanitizing wipes, 5oz. paper cups, skinny wipe off markers (black), 2 bags of playground sand, play dough

Mary Wojtowicz
  • Clorox wipes, Play dough, prize box items, stamp pads, glitter, stickers, individual packages of snacks (Gold fish, pretzels, granola bars etc) for when someone forgets their snack, paper towels, paper plates

Kathryn King
  • brown paper lunch bags, white paper lunch bags, prize box items (bouncy balls, matchbox cars, spinning tops, yo-yos, etc
  • Hi Ho Cherry-O game by Hasbro games

Naomi Dupre
  • Amazon Cards (for ink for classroom color printer)
  • Black Thin Expo Markers, Pencil Cap Erasers

For Wish List changes and questions please email  webmaster@cssrpto.org

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