Cold Spring/Swift River  Parent Teacher Organization

For Parents/Guardians: Teachers' Wish Lists are items needed by the staff and teachers at Cold Spring & Swift River Schools. Donations are welcome and really make a difference! Send your donations to the school at any time!  (These are NOT the school supply lists that are sent home for some classrooms prior to the beginning of the school year. These are items that teacher would love to have purchased for the classroom.)

For Teachers:
  • Click here to submit your wish list.  A volunteer reviews the submissions and updates the website twice per month.  Please fill out the same form with any changes once you have submitted your list, or if items have been received and you now want an item removed.  
  • Teachers may also wish to submit a request for the PTO to reimburse them for purchases directly.  You may print and fill out an Expenditure Request Form.  Completed forms can be left in the the CSSR PTO mailboxes at CS and SRE. Blank copies of this form are also available in the mailbox for teachers to use. Submissions will be reviewed as they are received.  The Executive Board will get back to you as soon as possible with a response to your request.